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Having a genuine passion for our work providing driving lessons in CANBERRA and NSW surrounding areas (Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra & Googong) has given us a proud reputation unrivalled by most of our competitors in the ACT Region & NSW surrounding Regions.

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Apart from lessons for learner drivers, we also offer refresher lessons for overseas licence holders as well as people who simply haven’t driven for a while and need a confidence boost. We also offer training for corporate business who want to make sure that their employee’s driving skills are safe before handing over a company car.

Whether it’s your first time in the driver’s seat or preparing to pass your ACT / NSW on-road test, learning to drive a car doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating.

Our driving instructors know that providing a relaxed and supportive environment is the easiest way to help you build safe driving skills and confidence in the fastest possible time. By understanding your learning style, we keep things simple and help you reach your goals sooner without taking shortcuts.

Enjoy an affordable service that focuses on tasks that benefit you the most so every driving lesson becomes much more productive.

Friendly Local Instructors

Our experienced Driving Instructors in CANBERRA and NSW surrounding areas (Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra & Googong) are regularly coaching new drivers of all levels of experience. Enjoy the benefits of flexible on-road training that is delivered to suit your level of confidence and driving ability.

There are no surprises in our relaxed and stress-free learning environment.

Be guided you through the whole process of adjusting your seat and basic observation skills in the first lesson all the way through to perfecting the reverse parallel park and getting ready for your licence test.

Every learner has different needs, so every lesson is different. We focus on areas that you will get the most benefit from. This helps you make more progress than by following a generic drivers education program that is not suited specifically to your needs.

At ACT Driving Solutions we focused on all the important factors while you are learning to drive. We have modified our training as our attempt to have Defensive & Safe driver on roads.
“Learner-Centred” Training.
Defensive Driving Techniques.
Advanced Training Methods.

Parents and Guardians are Welcome

Is your child undergoing driving lessons? Joining in on their lessons can benefit both you and your learner driver.

Observing how the driving instructor teaches the learner, can help you to Develop The Teaching Skills to conduct more productive private lessons with your child. As a passenger, you can develop the skills to effectively provide directions, critique driving and parking techniques, and help Reduce Your Learners Driving Anxiety.
These teaching skills will become important when your learner wishes to brush up on their driving and parking skills outside of their lessons with ACT DRIVING SOLUTIONS.




Our instructors teach not only how to get from point A to B, but how to do it in the safest way possible, observing all the rules associated with the road and transport.


OUR Instructors are trained to deliver the highest quality driving lessons available. Our prices are transparent, and you will receive the full time that you book.


We offer door-to-door service. Get picked up from home, school or work for your driving lessons and end your lesson in a location that works for you.


Passing the practical driving assessment first time is no easy task. ACT Driving Solutions have a proven track record with the vast majority of our students passing their PDA first time.

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Hear What Our Happy Clients Have To Say

Amrit is a very good driving instructor.He always communicated well and provided me with guidance, feedback to improve my driving. His classes put me on the path to successfully get my licence. A big thanks to him!! Highly recommended.

Iqbal Singh

I had a great experience with ACT Driving Solutions. Amrit is a great instructor. He is experienced, professional, patient and understanding with beginners like me. He always encouraged me and helped me in becoming a confident driver. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an instructor. Thank you Amrit!

Sayani Dey

Amrit is a very knowledgeable instructor, despite taking his lessons after over 80 previous driving hours he still taught me a lot of things and corrected many issues I had. His lessons operate smoothly and he has a lot of patience and trust in his students. I now am able to obtain my P plates thanks to Amrit. I would absolutely recommend his lessons to anyone from beginner to someone on their final hours on their L plates like me.


I hired Amrit to help get my son off his L plates and onto his P’s. Amrit is a very good driving instructor who you can trust. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking to learn how to drive safely and successfully. Thanks Amrit for your great service. ??

Stephen D

I would love to say a big Thank you to Amrit veer ji as he is an amazing instructor. He is very patient, honest, understanding, good motivator as well as very professional. He does not teach only good driving but Defensive Driving as well. I would highly recommend if anyone is looking for a driving instructor.

Khushboo Goel

Learning my drivers competencies with him was a very calming experience. He took the time and the effort required to teach me both the theory and practical. Remained professional and forgiving even when I made mistakes. Overall 10/10.

Ebel Varghese

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