The logbook system involves 23 competencies and 2 revision point assessments before completing the final driving assessment.

At ACT DRIVING SOLUTIONS, we have ACT Accredited Driving Instructors who can conduct your revision point assessments and final driving assessment (Competency Based Training & Assessment) so you don’t need to do the one-off practical driving assessment with Access Canberra. When you have finished your logbook, your accredited driving instructor will issue you with a certificate of competency which you can take to Access Canberra.

However, if you would like to complete the one-off assessment with a Government assessor, you can use our driving instructor’s car for the driving test and have a warm up lesson beforehand to help you ease your nerves and ensure you’re prepared for the test.

Logbook Hour Requirements

The number of logbook hours that you’re required to complete depends on the age of the learner licence holder:

  • Learner drivers under the age of 25 are required to complete 100 supervised driving hours including 10 supervised hours at night time.
  • Learner drivers who are 25 years of age or over are required to complete 50 supervised driving hours including 5 supervised hours at night time.

Bonus Logbook Hours

For the first 10 driving instruction hours, you will get 30 supervised hours recorded in your logbook. Book a 10-hour lesson package with an ACT DRIVING SOLUTIONS Accredited Driving Instructor.

23 Logbook Competencies

You can find further information on each task in the Towards Your P’s guide.

  • Task 1 Good understanding of the controls
  • Task 2 Cabin drill
  • Task 3 Starting up procedure
  • Task 4 Moving off procedure
  • Task 5 Correct and smooth operation of gears
  • Task 6 Steering control
  • Task 7 Turns, left and right
  • Task 8 Speed control
  • Task 9 Slowing procedures
  • Task 10 Stopping procedures
  • Task 11 Hill starts
  • Task 12 Give way rules
  • Task 13 Reversing
  • Task 14 Right angle parking
  • Task 15 Reverse parallel parking
  • Task 16 U-turns
  • Task 17 Turning around in the road (3-point turn)
Revision point one – 1st Revision Point Assessment – 1 – 17. You must wait at least 36 hours after learning task 17 before you attempt this assessment. Once you pass this assessment, you can continue to competencies task 18 – 22.

  • Task 18 Lane changing, merging, and entering freeways
  • Task 19 Overtaking
  • Task 20 Observation skills
  • Task 21 Compliance with the system of vehicle control
  • Task 22 Vulnerable Road Users

Revision point two – 2nd Revision Point Assessment – 1 – 22. You must wait at least 36 hours after learning task 22 before attempting this assessment.

  • Task 23 Driving on busy and unfamiliar roads

Before attempting your final driving assessment, your instructor must inform the Government audit department for quality control purposes.

How many driving lessons do I need to complete the ACT Logbook?

The number of driving lessons required for a learner driver to complete the ACT logbook will vary between each learner driver.

Each learner will have different driving skill levels, frequency of driving lessons, practice between lessons, and the quality of driving practice.

It will take a minimum of 8 lessons to complete the ACT logbook. On average, students will take 10-15 lessons

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