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Based in Taylor and servicing all the suburbs of Canberra and the surroundings areas of Queanbeyan, NSW.  ACT Driving Solutions was founded by an experienced Driver Trainer /Assessor who gained experience from various roles in the Private and Government Sectors. ACT Driving Solutions has a passion for road safety and defensive driving, aiming to equip teenagers with the skills to handle the many hazardous situations that commonly occur on our roads.

WE BELIEVE: There is a lot more to driving than filling in a logbook and parallel parking, such as:

  • Defensive Driving.
  • Road rules.
  • Hazard awareness.
  • Driver behaviour.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Car control techniques.

At ACT Driving Solutions, we focus on all these important factors while you are learning to drive. We have adopted training methods that make a proactive effort to produce defensive and safe drivers on the roads.

“Learner-Centred” Training

To help learners develop their skills faster and gain a better understanding of defensive driving, we adopt a “learner-centered” approach to our training. This means that your training is all about YOU and how YOU can make the fastest progress while getting the best value from the time you spend with us.


Welcoming, Calm and Supportive

We are proud of the feedback we receive from our customers, who often comment on how enjoyable their training experience is with us. Our priority is to ensure that you feel comfortable from your very first contact. We also understand that making mistakes is a normal part of learning, so we make an extra effort to stay calm and supportive, even during stressful times in difficult traffic conditions.

Simple and Relevant

With so many different aspects, learning to drive can seem complex and intimidating. Our Advanced Training Methods break things down into easy-to-understand tasks helping you learn new skills faster. What may seem like an impossible goal becomes surprisingly easy with clear instructions presented in a way that best suits your individual learning style.

We have a genuine passion for driving, and we want to instill that love in you as well. By maintaining a fun and engaging approach, we ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your driving experience while making faster progress. Additionally, we provide advice to your supervising driver to enhance the productivity of your private practice sessions. Before you know it, you will be driving confidently and, most importantly, safely in busy traffic, with improved awareness. You’ll also savor the freedom and independence that comes with obtaining your driver’s license.

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